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LCSSP Teaching

Hum/Pl 45. Ethics & AI. 9 units (3-0-6); first term. How do we reconcile the possibilities of modern machine learning with ethical and moral demands of fairness, accountability and transparency? This course will take a case study-based approach to the challenges at the interface of algorithms and human values. By exploring existing debates on algorithmic bias, explainable AI and data ownership, students will be exposed to the relevance of ethical systems of thought to modern social questions. Instructor: Eberhardt.

Pl/HPS 183. Bioethics. 9 units (3-0-6); first term. A survey of issues in bioethics. Topics may include: abortion and reproductive rights; euthanasia; physician-patient relationships; use of human embryos and stem cells in research; use of human subjects in research and the concept of informed consent; research on and treatment of non-human animals; organ transplantation, distribution, and sale; genetic modification of organisms (including humans); synthetic biology; cure vs. enhancement and other issues in biotechnology and neuroethics. Instructor: Gurcan.

PS/Ec 128. Introduction to Public Health Economics and Policy. 9 units (3-0-6); third term. This course will cover the basic concepts and principles of health economics and challenges in health policy implementation. By studying this course, students will establish economic thinking and be able to flexibly use economic methods to analyze practical problems in the field of health care. Students will also learn about the application of machine learning in public health. This course combines theory and methodology. The teaching goal focuses on students' ability to analyze and solve practical problems. Interactive teaching is done through group discussions and topic debates around case studies. Each chapter consists of a theory and case analysis. The case discussion will focus on basic theories and methods and highlight the hot issues in the current medical and health system. The exam will be an open-book exam, with class discussions accounting for 40%, and the final exam accounting for 60%. Instructor: Cao.

Other Caltech courses related to science policy and science ethics.