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LCSSP Research

The Center is excited to support new research projects that are policy relevant. Caltech researchers with innovative ideas in new policy-relevant research should contact the co-directors for additional information.

As of 2024, the Center's research activities focus on substantive areas where there is strong scientific interest at Caltech: climate change and sustainability, biotechnology and bioethics, and the ethics of artificial intelligence. In each substantive area, the Center collaborates with other Caltech research centers, in particular the Resnick Sustainability Institute, the Ronald and Maxine Linde Center for Global Environmental Science, the Center for Social Information Sciences (CSIS), and the Merkin Institute for Translational Research.

The LCSSP's research efforts center around developing and sustaining new scientific studies at Caltech in these thematic areas that focus on each topic's unique ethical implications, policy impacts, and scientific communication. The Center's founding co-directors work closely with Center postdoctoral researchers, as well as Caltech faculty and students, to produce novel and unique research contributions in these areas. In addition, the Center organizes and hosts workshops and conferences that present these research products and help to better connect Caltech researchers and policymakers.

Here are some examples of policy-relevant publications by scholars affiliated with LCSSP:

Here is an example of unpublished work by scholars affiliated with LCSSP:

  • APSA 2023 presentations on carbon tax research and on election attacks from Beatrice Magistro, Sreemanti Dey, Daniel Ebanks, and R. Michael Alvarez.