Past Internships

"At Idealab, I had the opportunity to start and run a real company. In this experience, I was able to rotate through a variety of functions including product design, project management, raising venture capital funding, and actually reaching out to and interacting with our customers. My tenure at Idealab seemed like a whirlwind, engendering opportunities to get my hands dirty in product management, software engineering, and mobile app creation, to name just a few. I believe this program has given me opportunities few undergraduate students can experience."

Phillip Guangning An (BS '18, Computer Science)
Idealab – 2015

John Wang helped develop a credit risk model that could accommodate the unique aspects of Scratchpay's mission: to help people cope with the unexpected costs that often accompany a pet's illness. "I was given a lot of autonomy but also a lot of responsibility. I was expected to hit the ground running and learn a lot about the credit risk industry so that I could ensure that the model I built was orthogonal or separate from the current credit risk model the company was already using on its applicants."

John Wang (BS '21, Information and Data Sciences and Economics)
Scratchpay – 2019

While Sam Owen began by picking up discrete, predetermined tasks, he ultimately gained a more holistic appreciation of the company's mission and workflow, which in turn enabled him take on more self-directed projects. Owen was particularly pleased to find that IKASI's close-knit and collaborative corporate culture empowered him to contribute from the outset. "I wasn't just sitting in the meetings listening but was actually able to give input."

Sam Owen (BS '21, Bioengineering and Computer Science)
IKASI – 2019

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