For Students

Who is eligible?

  • Non-senior Caltech undergraduates
  • Not also participating in the SURF program this summer
  • Not a previous SUSI fellow
  • Available to intern locally full-time for at least 10 consecutive weeks this summer

What to expect from your internship

Interning at a startup differs in many ways from working at a large company. Here are some features highlighted by past SUSI fellows:

  • You may work on multiple projects: software engineering, helping the marketing team with a presentation or sit on a financing call.
  • Whatever you do, the impact of your work product is real because the company is small and growing fast.
  • Ability to use multiple tools to solve problems and even propose alternative methods to finish tasks.

Important dates

The timing of internships at startups differs from traditional companies. We work to find a set of internship opportunities in the fall, however, many startups cannot commit to something that far off from the summer. In the past, most startups post available positions in December and January. Thus, if you are interested in a startup internship, be prepared for a delay in the typical hiring schedule.

How to Apply              

  • To apply, submit a resume via Handshake using the following Job ID:
            - #3336637

            - #3448201
            - #3537002
            - #3566584
  • Each Job ID is a separate application to a different startup. Please log in to Handshake using the Job ID for more information about the company, internship requirements, and other details.

Any questions?

Email Prof. Michael Ewens (faculty sponsor) or
Jill Wells (Career Services) for more information.