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For Prospective Companies

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Hiring a SUSI Fellow

Startups involved in the SUSI program gain access to a small pool of intelligent and driven Caltech undergraduate students. The SUSI interns, who choose this program over other valuable opportunities available to Caltech students both on and off campus, are especially driven and focused. Participating startups also stand to benefit as future employers by leveraging these internships into greater name recognition and brand awareness among the wider pool of future Caltech graduates.

Basic requirements for SUSI fellowship

There are no strict rules for a fellowship assignment, but the following points guide our decision on whether to assign an internship position as a SUSI fellowship:

  • Company should be "small" or in startup phase. Too few employees often makes the internship difficult to manage internally, while a lot of employees (e.g. 200) could result in the internship closely resembling a large-company position.
  • Your company should have a payroll system in place and a human resources department. (This would likely be satisfied if there are at least a few full-time employees.)
  • The company should have sufficient capital such that you can be confident that it will survive through the summer of the internship.
  • Ideally, the internship position will give the student an opportunity to work on multiple projects and interact with multiples teams at your company. Many students seeking these internships want to avoid the experience of working on a single, narrow coding project and speaking to a single manager over the course of 10 weeks.

If your startup does not satisfy these conditions, then you should still consider posting the internship with the Career Center.

Previous SUSI fellowship positions

Here is a list of some of the previous internships: companies, titles, and a summary from the student about their experience.