Career Panels

In late 2014, Linde Institute Professor of Finance Richard Roll invited three Caltech alumni to speak with undergraduates about how they leveraged their science and engineering degrees into successful careers in finance. Read about that first panel here.

These panels continue with additional alumni coming to campus to speak with students about careers in finance, management consulting, and entrepreneurship. Faculty in The Ronald and Maxine Linde Institute of Economic and Management Sciences organize these events in partnership with Caltech's Career Development Center. In addition to having an opportunity to listen to alumni speak about their own career paths, students can schedule one-on-one interviews with the participating alumni on the same day as the panel discussions.

This page will be updated following each panel to post information on the participating panelists.

Past Panels

May 12, 2021 – Entrepreneurship
Graham Free

BS '04, Economics
Co-Founder of Virtu Financial

Kelly Littlepage
BS '09, Applied and Computational Mathematics and Business Economics and Management, minor in Control and Dynamical Systems
Founder of OneChronos

Zach Rivkin
BS '14, Mathematics
Founder of Gatsby Labs; former Chief of Staff at 8VC

December 1, 2020 Finance

Susan Schnabel
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, aPriori Capital Partners

Robert Sinnott
Co-Chairman, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors

Lance West
MS '83, Electrical Engineering
Founder and Director, 25Madison

Scott Richland
Chief Investment Officer, Caltech

November 4, 2019 – Finance

John Krowas
BS '93, Engineering and Applied Science
Director of Investor Data Solutions, LendingClub

George Papa
BS '94, Applied Physics / BS '94, Economics
CEO and Founder, SpiderRock

Allen Pu
MS '93, Electrical Engineering / PhD '97, Electrical Engineering
Deputy Head of Portfolio Management, North America, Dimensional Fund Advisors

April 25, 2019 – Finance

Mark Holdsworth
Founder, Holdsworth & Co., LLC

Gang Hu
Associates; PhD '01, Applied and Computational Mathematics
Managing Partner, WinShore Capital Management

Scott Richland
Chief Investment Officer, Caltech

Lance West
MS '83, Electrical Engineering
Former CEO, Centerbridge Partners Europe

January 17, 2019 – Entrepreneurship

Brian Calle
Publisher of LA Weekly

Anthony Chong
BS '11, Computer Science

Phillip Chen
CA State Assembly

Victoria Slivkoff
Strategic Partnerships, Innovation & Entrepreneurship for the UC System

Kevin Xu
CEO & President, MEBO International

May 10, 2018 – Entrepreneurship

Delia Bailey
PhD '07, Social Science
Senior Vice President of Data Science, YouGov

Anthony Chong
BS '11, Computer Science
Founder and CEO, IKASI

Stephane Lintner
PhD '07, Applied and Computational Mathematics
Co-Founder and CEO, Jiko

January 18, 2018 – Finance

Alexander Lipton
Founder and CEO, StrongHold Labs; Connection Science Fellow, MIT

Rahul Malhotra
BS, Physics, 1996
Director and Senior Portfolio Manager, Allianz Global Investors

Ren Wu
BS & MS, Electrical Engineering, 1993-1994
Managing Director, FHAM


November 9, 2017 – Entrepreneurship

Peter Foley
PhD, Social Sciences, 2013
BS, Double Major in Engineering and Applied Sciences and Social Sciences, 2006
Group Vice President of Analytics, 605

Melanie Goodrich
BS, Business Economics and Management (BEM), 2004
Research Manager, Westat


October 13, 2016 – Finance

James Caron
BS, Engineering, 1992
Managing Director, Investment Management, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Matthew Moore
PhD, Molecular Biophysics, 2013
Assistant Vice President, CIT Bank

John Naud
BS, Physics, 1996
Chief Operating Officer, Global Fixed Income, Citadel, LLC


May 17, 2016 – Entrepreneurship

Calum Chisholm
PhD, Materials Science, 2003
CEO and President, SAFCell, Inc.

Joel Grus
MS, Social Science, 2004
Engineer and Researcher, Allen Institute for Artifical Intelligence

Mario Munich
PhD, Electrical Engineering, 2000
Senior Vice President of Technology, iRobot Corp.


March 10, 2016 – Finance

Thomas Luke
BS, Physics, 1986
Chief Risk Officer, Alphadyne Asset Management

Rosemary Macedo
BS, Economics, 1987
Chief Investment Officer, QS Investors

Daniel Murphy
BS, Physics and Economics, 2001
Vice President, Alternative Investments and Manager Selection (AIMS), Goldman Sachs


December 7, 2015 – Finance

Kevin Franklin
BS, Physics and History, 2000
Managing Director, Scientific Active Equity Investment Group, BlackRock

Robert Gingrich
PhD, Physics, 2002
Manager of Derivatives and Alternatives Risk, Western Asset Management

Richmond Wolf
PhD, Geological and Planetary Sciences, 1997
Partner and Investment Analyst, Capital World Investors, Capital Research and Management


November 18, 2015 – Management Consulting

John Bowen
Eng., Aeronautics, 1992
Consultant, EHS Partners

Kurinji Pandiyan
Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

Jeffrey Prisbrey
PhD, Social Sciences, 1993
Vice President, Charles River Associates


October 15, 2015 – Finance

Michael Amori
MS, Applied Physics, 2007
Managing Director, Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management

Mark Holdsworth
BS, Engineering and Applied Science, 1998
Co-Founder and Operating Partner, Tennenbaum Capital Partners, LLC

Tencia Lee
BS, Applied Computational Mathematics and Economics, 2009
Portfolio Manager in Systematic Futures Trading, Crabel Capital Management


March 12, 2015 – Finance

Remy Hathaway
BS, Engineering & Applied Sciences and Economics, 1995
Managing Director, Prager & Co., LLC

Gerard O'Reilly
PhD, Aeronautics, 2004
Co-Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research, Dimensional Fund Advisors

Eduardo Repetto
PhD, Aeronautics, 1998
Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Dimensional Fund Advisors


December 9, 2014 – Finance

Robert Gingrich
PhD, Physics, 2002
Risk Modeler/Manager, Western Asset Management Company

Jason Hsu
BS, Applied Mathematics and Economics, 1996
Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Research Affiliates

Kenneth Winston
MS, Mathematics, 1974
Chief Risk Officer, Western Asset Management Company