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June 2, 2015 12:00 AM

SUSI 2015 Interns Selected

The Ronald and Maxine Linde Institute of Economic and Management Sciences is proud to announce that four Caltech undergraduates have been selected as interns for the Summer Undergraduate Startup Internship (SUSI) program’s inaugural summer. 

Phillip An and Chen Chang will both work as Product Interns at Idealab in Pasadena.

Jared Forte will spend his summer at Provivi, the Santa-Monica based firm founded by Caltech’s Dr. Francis Arnold and her former graduate students.

Lennon Luo will join Materia, Inc., which was founded in 1998 to commercialize Grubbs Catalyst technology, for which Caltech professor Robert Grubbs won the Nobel Prize in 2005.

Frederick Michael Berl will intern for Metamason, a company automating customization of patient-specific medical devices.

Good luck to our SUSI interns!

Learn more about the SUSI program here.